Dry Fermentation: Biomass to biogas

Welcome to our web site dedicated to the production of biogas by dry fermentation processing of biomass.


The picture on the top right hand corner of this page shows a power plant. Doesn’t look like it, does it?  Could easily fit in to your community, your neighbourhood, your farm yard.


Dry fermentation technology has crossed the chasm from bleeding edge to leading edge and is now ready for commercial use.  In Germany there are 29 sites under construction and over 30 sites currently in the planning stage. Plant sizes range from a production capacity of 30KW to 5.5MW of electrical power.

This pioneering achievement shows the next wave of innovations in biomass power plants. Already, German companies have developed a global leadership, with some 2,500 biomass power plants (based on liquid fermentation methods) with approxiately 450MW to date (source: neue energie 01/2006).


So, why Germany?  Because that is where commercially viable dry fermentation technology and processes have been developed and patented.  Also, the German government’s renewable energy policies heavily promote investment in such projects and ensure a market of buyers, with guaranteed prices, for electrical energy for the next about twenty years. This makes biomass power plants in general and dry fermentation specifically a very attractive investment option, financially as well as environmentally.


With fossil based fuel prices steadily rising as the resources dwindle, “Green Energy” has grown from beyond a mere fad and is fast becoming an energy industry factor, currently accounting for around 3 percent of US energy production.  Moreover, as more governments world wide enact energy production legislation and corresponding incentives supporting Green Energy, such investment becomes safe ground for high return, low risk investment.


While European countries are leading technological advances in the Green Energy arena, much larger markets exist outside of Germany and Europe.  Markets that produce large quantities of biomass, which could easily become electricity generating biogas, would find Dry Fermentation a cost effective way of producing the electricity they need, even without government initiatives.


Another charming aspect of Dry Fermentation is that this type of power plant creates a local or regional “energy cycle”, and thus promotes autonomous energy production not reliant upon huge distribution networks. These distribution networks require costly maintenance and are subject to hazards. Downtimes can create power outage situations for a very large number of electricity consumers. Dry Fermentation power plants create “bio electricity” from local biomass and can increase availability of electricity in rural and municipal in challenging climate conditions while decreasing waste disposal and energy distribution cost.


Dry fermentation has processing and technical advantages over the liquid fermentation process currently used for producing biogas.  This web site, created and maintained by a team of energy and business consultants, is dedicated to the promotion of the Dry Fermentation process for creating biogas.


Find out for yourself that Dry Fermentation is not dry and dull at all! Explore its potential and find out how you can benefit from it.


Please note: this web site is “work in progress”. Irregularly, we are compiling additional information about dry fermentation and seek to  provide a white paper for you to download. To receive notification when this white paper is available, please email.