Biomass Business

As with any technology that is moving from the inside of a laboratory onto the market for commercial use, there are a number of avenues for getting involved.  Knowledge already held with regard to biogas production could be useful in the establishment of Dry Fermentation biomass power plants.

Setting up a new biomass business is possible in a variety of areas, including:

  • biomass power plant project engineering
  • biomass power plant operation
  • biomass business finance
  • biomass business consultation
  • biomass power plant biotech services

Devising, scoping, planning, projecting, executing and operating a new biomass power plant is hard work, much of which lies in the initial stages of  convincing stakeholders that the idea is environmentally, technologically and financially sound.  But, that can be said of all new ideas, and can be managed.

Another interesting area with wide open opportunities is in the area of finance. Green energy investments are favoured by renewable energy legislation. Germany, France, Denmark and Luxemburg have a system which guarantees a defined buying price for electricity deriven from green production, including Dry Fermentation plants. This price is in the range of 12 to 21 EUR cents per kWh. Depending upon the time the plant goes online producing electricity, the price will vary, i.e. the later a plant goes online, the lower this price is set. But it is defined, and this provides safe grounds for investors. This model has proven very efficient in the past, looking at wind a few years ago and the solar energy sectors nowadays. This type of model is apparently more efficient than quota models, as the UK and Italy have adhered to. Other effects of the German model are that mid-size companies are promoted, rather than big companies, and that the energy prices tend to be lower for end-buyers.

But even without this type of incentives (which are not state or federal subsidies, by the way), as long as a sufficient buying price for the electricity can be realized (currently around at least 12 EUR cents), and depending upon labor cost in a given country, and calculating the cost of bioass input materials, Dry Fermentation plants can be a very lucrative field to invest in.

The forms of financial investments as shown in the Germany example include

  • investments in specialized technology and components vendor firms
  • investments in plant projects (project setu-up and sale)
  • investments in plant operations
  • setting up investment funds
  • setting up intermediary / general contractor firms.