Biomass Power Plant Software

One of the most enjoyable aspects of Dry Fermentation based biomass power plants is that they can run basically unattended. About once a month, another batch of biomass is introduced to the fermentation chamber for processing, requiring a few hours of front loader work.
The major part of the fermentation work is done automatically, in a bacteria-favourable climate, inside the fermentation chambers.

This climate is established, monitored and controlled by the contol automation software element. This piece of sophisticated software ensures efficient and safe operations. It is the digital nervous system of your biomass power plant, linking the sensors, meters, indicators, valves, pneumatic controls, piping, exhausts, fermenter gate, generator and biogas flow control together. The software holds a digital version of the complete process, allowing it to assess the performance against pre-defined rules and key indicators and make any adjustments necessary to ensure a smooth production process.

In addition, this software allows remote access to the operations monitor and manual overrides of automated process steps, enabling biological process supervision from almost any where in the world.