Biomass Use Examples

Biomass is organically grown solid material or waste.


Examples of biomass that can be used by your plant are:

  • various kinds of crops, such as corn
  • waste (process waste, livestock, municipal and industrial waste)
  • plants
  • wood (trees and branches)

Given a suitable type, mix and consistency, the dry fermentation process will start soon after the batch has been loaded into the fermentation chamber. The image below shows the biogas output curve as recorded in a biomass power plant with four fermenter chambers.




Once the process is well-established and given that the materials mix contains enough energy, the power curve resp. biogas production curve can reach a very stable level of production, as shown in this recording.




While the biogas generation is only interrupted and restarted with another biomass batch filled in the fermenter chamber, the actual electricity and heat generation can be flexibly defined. This is possible because the biogas is stored in a suitable gas storage tank (low pressure), and the generator is controlled by the automated system. This flexible link allows green energy to be produced at convenient or more economic times, for instance, to provide electricity to the grid during peak times.