Dry Fermentation Plants Locations

With Dry Fermentation being a relatively new method of biogas generation the number of biomass power plants using the method is still relatively small.

Yet, early types of Dry Fermentation use are spread throughout the world, with local adaptations and distinct processes being used in each continent.  See our links for more details.

The majority of dry fermentation plants is built or being projected in Germany, but at least one plant is reported for Japan and we also learned about new dry fermentation projects in Africa.

The financially most fertile grounds at this stage of the technology are in countries with subsidies for dry fermentation plants. Those subsidies are either a defined fixed price per KWH electricity, such as in Germany, France, Denmark, Luxemburg and Czeck Republic, or there is a green power license model installed, as in the UK, Italy and other countries. Apparently, the fixed-price model stimulates more growth of green power projects and is easier to handle than licenses.

Another indicator for dry fermentation plant most likely locations is the number of biomass fermentation plants installed, including liquefied biomass. This number for Germany is about 2,500 plants with about 450MW capacity to date (source: neue energie 01/2006). This number indicates a substantial amount of experiences on behalf of projectors, operators, finance and investment fond providers, component vendors. This experience is what creates the overall technology advantage of Germany in biomass plants per se and will also be accessible for dry fermentation projects. As one indicator of the building maturity of this industry segment, one might take the discussions towards a RAL certificate for project engineering companies.